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If debt is something that you worry about every day, then you do not have a minute to hesitate. We guarantee that calling Ridgestone Funding will be one of the best calls that you make in your life. Part of the reason why is that our reps go through extensive training to maintain a high level of professionalism.


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Stephen Gomez
Stephen Gomez

“Two words to describe Ridgestone Funding: fast and easy. I needed some cash to help with a move across the country and wasn’t sure they would deliver on their promises. Man, was I wrong! All it took was a quick call and within a few days I was all set.”

Marshall Ball
Marshall Ball

“I would recommend Ridgestone Funding to any of my friends who are struggling with debt. Their reps are incredibly professional and they moved the process along quickly to help me get access to money fast!”

Cary Laughlin
Cary Laughlin

“Calling Ridgestone Funding was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made hands down! I have been struggling with my student loans since I graduated from college and I have never been on a better path to paying them off than I am right now.”